Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Field Trip

I will be updating the blog soon with photos from Christmas vacation in the States and some other things I wanted to share.  But check this out for now.

Today I had the pleasure of going on my first field trip here across the big pond.  It was at a place for kids that's more like Chuck E. Cheese's rich distant cousin's spot. There are amusement park like rides in the place, bumper cars, flying ship, etc. Fun was had by all!  I even rode the bumper cars myself!

So we made it back to school in one piece and I'm getting off the bus.  My foot gets stuck on my abaya and badaboom badabing...bamalama...I hit the ground.  I can't believe I fell! Parents, bus drivers, and a few kids were out there to witness the little entertaining event.  I played hurt for about 5 seconds then got up. All smiles! "I'm okay!" Two of my girls helped me up.  They waited to smirk after they realized I wasn't seriously hurt. Ha! And yes, of course, the Louis Vuitton sunglasses were still on my face, didn't move. LMAO! Now my arm has a bruise on it and some skin got scraped too. Lawd help! That's going to hurt later.  I am too old for this s**t!