Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry New Year!

It's been a month and I haven't been able to...okay I just didn't feel like posting anything. LOL!  I have been busy earlier in December getting ready to visit family and friends in the United States.  And now that I am here in the USA, I have just decided to lay low and chill (and be bored out of my mind).  I will certainly be rethinking my travel plans when I visit my family next year in 2013.  Maybe I have adult ADD.  I don't seem to want to stay in the same place for more than a week.  I probably should have gone to my sister's and stayed for a week.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my family and friends so very much, but's time to go, well at least leave my parents' house.  Anywho, moving on.

I have had a great time in the U.S. during holiday break, and as this year closes, I can truly say that I feel and definitely am extremely blessed, lucky, fortunate...happy.  I have met some wonderful people in the UAE and I am living a dream there!! It shows in the glow people tell me I have.  That's called happiness and joy!  I've also been fortunate to have met someone very special and he has been wonderful contributing to my happiness and joy! LOL!

In December of 2011, I never imagined I would be living over 7,000 miles away from the United States, in another country, learning to speak a different language, working, and just having the time of my life.  Wow!  So there is no telling what 2013 has in store for me.  I know whatever happens from here on out, will be good...very good!  I'm looking forward to the wonderful things that are yet to come. 

Merry New Year!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

RAIN in the Dhabi!

Today it rained in Abu Dhabi, which is a rare occurence.  I was excited to see the rain.  It's funny how the simplest things can mean so much when you are living in a foreign land, far away from the place you call home.  Really, I don't know where I call home anymore.  I guess home is at my Mama and Daddy's house now.  After living in Atlanta, for nearly 13 years, I get confused.  Somebody asked me where I was from last night and I immediately said Georgia.  Lawd!  I guess that's right in a way.  I will be heading "home for the holidays" in 16 days and I am starting to get super excited about that and all the that is in store for that 19 days of vacationing on U.S. soil.  I'm tempted to kiss the freakin ground when I get outside.  Okay, maybe not.  But that sounded like a good plan.  I don't know if I miss home really.  I believe I would be correct to say that I miss my family and friends, since like I said I have no "home" of my own anymore in the States.  I've never been in this situation so that's the best I can do to describe that.  I won't be visiting Georgia while I'm in the U.S., and not sure why I would...unless I want to go get my hair done, which I thought about booking a flight, just for that! LOL!  But I have other wonderful plans with family and friends in the Carolinas.  

Every time I think about going "home" I can't help but smile.  This place called Abu Dhabi is absolutely stunning, beautiful, and still the best move I've ever made in my entire life.  Though, there are some crazy cultural adjustments, I must say, I have adjusted well and I'm happy!  But I am happy to be going "home" to see the people who have to love me no  matter what...LOL!

Yesterday, I was at the mall when I got a call that my laundry was ready and at my door, but I wasn't there to pay.  Side Note: Yall know I refuse to wash clothes ever again in life.  So Laundry Boo (as I affectionately call him) left my fresh clothes at my apartment door and told me he would come back today to get the money!  Uhm...whey they do that at? Only here in Abu Dhabi!!  If I was in the States, I promise you I would not have any clean drawz today!  Believe that!  No ain't gettin jack!! LOL!  Anyway, Laundry Boo came back today and I had to give him a tip for just, I guess, trusting that I would actually pay him.  He wasn't worried about it anyway.  No one really worries about anything around here anyhow.  It's all good.  I like that.

National Day is on December 2, so I have another long weekend.  Thank God!  Four days of relaxation.  I'm going to the nail shop tomorrow to get pampered and just chillin for the rest of the time off.  Then I will be heading to the spa sometime next week for facials, waxes, and the "saloon" as they call hair salons here, to get my locs washed and twisted.  I also have plans to visit the Gold Souk to bring back some of that Middle Eastern gold that I know my Mama is going to like.  There is also a "bootleg" mall I will hit up before I fly the friendly skies.  Yes, again, I have found a Bootleg Boo and he has all the purses, sunglasses, wallets, etc. that you are looking for but don't want to go broke buying full price.  It's so hilarious to me.  I think my Christmas gift theme this year will be "Bootleg"  LOL!!  I'm just kidding...okay maybe not!

16 days and I'm out!  See you soon!

Oh, here are some pictures from the Thanksgiving Dinner I had at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club with some awesome friends here in the U.A.E!  I really enjoyed myself and it took the sting away from not being with my family at home in the USA!  Even though I called them and they didn't answer their phones because their fat tails were eating dinner and I stayed up all night just to call them!! They get on my nerves...but I love them anyway! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

We Did That!

Okay, I'm a little late on this, but I did run...ha ha...jogged and walked (I'll be honest) in the Dubai Women's 5K.  There was also a 10K and no ma'am, no sir, I did not go that far.  But I am proud of my accomplishment with the 5K.  The run was in the morning, so the weather was perfect and the view of the Arabian Gulf (aka...Persian Gulf) was absolutely stunning as we ran along the waterfront.  We ran on the Palm Jumeirah, one of Dubai's famous landmarks, a part of that man made archipelago.  This is also where the Atlantis Hotel is located so I got to the see the outside of that luxurious palace like building.  Maybe one day I will go and stay a night there, depending on how many dirhams I have to part with cause that ain't cheap.  We will see.  

Anyway, I was happy to do this with my Abu Dhabi friends/family!! Love those ladies!  We even got a really nice shirt and a medal!!  You can see mine in the pictures around my neck. I will cherish it forever! LOL!  We rock!  Here are a few pictures from the race.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Miss me?

36 days left -- I'm returning to visit in the USA!! Holla at your girl!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sand Dune Driving, the Desert and Camels...Oh My!

Okay...This Desert Safari occurred in September.  I thought I posted this!!  LOL!  Sorry...I've been busy loving the "Good Life" around here. But check it out!

I went on a Desert Safari with a few Abu Dhabi friends and it was awesome!  I can now say I have walked on the sands of a desert.  I rode a camel, drank Arabic tea, and ate dates.  I also got a henna tattoo and ate an authentic Arabic BBQ dinner.  This consisted of hummus, lamb, veal, cucumber and tomato salad, rice, and some sweets that I did not eat since I already know how sweet they like their sweets in Abu Dhabi.  The sweet desserts around here will make you go into a diabetic coma, so I don't fool with them.  I tried it once and I'm done with that.  The sand dune driving was exciting and we had fun on the sandy roller coaster ride.  Driving up and down HUGE mountains of sand was unexpectedly thrilling and by the end, I had tears in the corners of my eyes asking God not to let me die!  Yes, it got downright scary at the end.  Our 8 passenger truck got stuck in the sand in the middle of the desert.  Luckily, our driver, Abdul, has 20 years of experiences as a sand dune driver.  He called for help and we were out in a jiffy.  But it was fun!  Everyone should try it! LOL!  Here are some pictures of our safari.

Camel Farm!!

Desert pose! Wow!  I'm in the REAL DESERT!!

Nice camel...Don't act crazy while I'm up here!  (Camels have attitudes yall!) Hey didn't I promise you I would take a picture with a real camel.  Boom!  Delivered!  

sipping that good, authentic Arabian coffee...Yum! nice please! 
Camel is the new horse....Giddyup!!  LOL! (I don't know why my hand is in the air like that...smh!)

Hello Desert! 
The smell of the camels will make you look like this...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dubai Baby!!

I went to Dubai a few days ago and it was a great day trip!  It is Eid and I have been off from work for the past 4 days! We visited the Mall of the Emirates first and them the Dubai Mall, which is the largest mall in the world.  All I know is, we were only able to see the first freakin floor of this mall because it is sooo huge.  You cannot do it all in one day and call yourself shopping too.  This mall has every high end store you can name.  This mall requires 3 maybe 4 trips to actually see it all.  It has three levels.  I nearly lost my mind as I am a self diagnosed shopaholic (yall pray for me).  There was Gucci, Prada, Tiffany, BCBG, Rolex, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vouiton, Chanel, Armani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Baby Phat, Nine West, Juicy Couture, and the whole shabang of all the other designers you can think of.  Talk about restraint.  Lawd!  I had to reason with myself several times.  No, you may not spend your whole check on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes no matter how fabulous they are!!  No, you may not buy a $900 purse at this time.  No, you may not buy the smoking hot Gucci boots you have been dying to buy since Day One that cost $1,620 USD!  God help me!  

I'm glad I got out of there with my bank account still in tact.  Of course, I bought a few things from normal stores like Gap and H&M. I know my limits.  I'm not ready.  LOL!

The architecture of Dubai is even more stunning than Abu Dhabi and the skyline is fascinating.  I will be back in Dubai on November 9 to run the Dubai Women's 5K so I will take more pictures...with a real camera.  You know, the kind grown folk use.  I have been the phone photographer so far.  Don't judge me. 

Here are a few pictures!!  

New Shoes...Wooo Whooo! (No they are not Gucci! LOL!)

First stop...The Mall of the Emirates...Dubai

Here it is...The Dubai Mall!! This is so NOT the place for a recovering Shopaholic...

Aquarium inside Dubai Mall

The Burj Khalifa...tallest building in the the tallest man made structure in the world, at 829.8 meters (2,717 feet)!! 


That brown says The Dubai Mall...Don't ask me what the rest of that Arabic print says...LOL!

Maybe one day I'll go in and actually buy something...hmm

Burj Khalifa...see you soon!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crazy is the New Normal

I did another crazy thing today!  I guess my crazy is the new normal though.  I registered to run in a 5K in Dubai in about two weeks from now on November 9!  Wooo Whooo!!  

Yall pray for me as I am going to attempt to run...okay let me change that...jog...the entire race without stopping!  I have done one 5K in the states back in June so I think I can do it.  I haven't been training but I've been working out regularly so I should be fine.  I might do a little training now that I think about it.  Oh who cares?  I'm not about to race any chicks.  I'm really just running for my health and self gratification and because I like doing little crazy stuff like this that only a few people really care about doing.  I'm not running to raise any money for any cause whatsoever.  All I know is I just paid $32 so I can get a race number and maybe a T-shirt, and bragging rights to say I did that!... *Kanye shrug*  LOL!  

I guess the most important part of it will be that I finish the run and feel a sense of accomplishment. (that was supposed to make me feel better....nope didn't work).  Anyway, I will be running on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.  It is absolutely fabulous there.  It is actually a man made archipelago.  The architecture in the United Arab Emirates is sick!  It is phenomenal to see with your own eyes.  Yes, this place does exist!  

Check out where I will be running soon.  I will definitely take pictures and post them.  I'm excited just to be going to Dubai but, this run will be another experience for me to be proud of myself for.  Life's good!

The Palm Jumeirah!  This is a computer simulated aerial view...I think!

The real Palm Jumeirah! 

This is the course I will run!  No I will NAWT be doing the 10K.  I know my limits at this time!  Thank you!  Maybe next time... o_O

Side view of the Palm Jumeirah.

This is the Atlantis Hotel at the top of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yeah I'm Still Working It Out...How YOU Doing?

Since I refuse to gain weight while in Abu Dhabi and it is simply not an option...I workout at least 4 times a week. Tuesday I ran...okay I did a jog/walk for 3.5 miles. I haven't run outside since July but it felt good out there...around 85 degrees...not too bad.  Abu Dhabi weather is cooling down and it's not 105 degrees at night anymore...yippee!

Today's workout: arms and 65 mins on the elliptical at the Abu Dhabi Golf her done!  

And this workout was brought to you by some awesome new jazz music I downloaded!  Love it! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Thank God It's Thursday!

It is the last workday of the week for me in Abu Dhabi! Good job me! More updates and pics are on the way. 

But for now...Here's me in my abaya workflow attire. Check out the sandal bling! Yes straight Abu Dhabi style. ;-)


Somebody stop me from the shoe shopping. I've only bought 5 pairs since I arrived here in August. Now that I think about it...hmm that's not normal. Lmbo!

Cheers to the freakin weekend!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Should Be Grading Papers

Well, it's getting near my bedtime here in Abu Dhabi and once again I am finding other things to do besides close my eyes and go to sleep.  I should really be grading papers, but pushing that aside too.  I will do it, just maybe not tonight...okay maybe I'll do 5! 

I'm still living at the luxurious Yas Viceroy Hotel on Yas Island here in Abu Dhabi and our time was just extended today for five additional days.  I will be moving soon, but not sure where exactly.  This has been quite the adventure and most definitely a life experience I will never ever forget!  I think I might have the patience of Job (okay not that much) but it's pretty darn close.  I'm ready to move into my own place now though and it will more than likely happen in the next week or so.  Until then, I will continue to enjoy the "good life" at this here nice five star hotel that I had been secretly wanting to stay in anyway.  God has a sense of humor!  

Last week we had some "fog days" where the fog was so thick you cannot drive.  It was like no fog I had ever seen in my life!  Check it out!

The fog outside of the Yas Viceory Hotel...guess we don't need the valet to get the car for work. Let's go have some coffee and chillax until the fog clears.  That's how they do it here.  

Fog day #2:  My view at breakfast...can't see ish out there!

I had to post this Maybach we saw one night.  Yeah we see this ALOT!! I see Bugattis, several Rolls Royces, Maseratis, Ferraris, Range Rovers, BMWs, and Mercedes vehicles on a daily basis.  Go figure...

I had to post this!  I was in the newspaper and yes that is me with my head down sitting on the curb by my neighbor. No, I was not in distress, but we had been waiting to find out news about what we needed to do for about 2 hours!!  When the photographer came around with the camera, I said oh no I don't want a picture.  So, I put my head down.  No one told me there would be a photo shoot!! I had on my bedroom slippers and my MAC was in my apartment!  Ughhh! Well I never!!

Hopefully we will be settled by November!  Ha ha!  Until then, I will keep you posted.  All is well and I am sure God will once again show me His favor with my new apartment.

I still haven't graded these papers!  I'm putting myself in timeout for that.  Bad teacher!