Friday, November 2, 2012

Sand Dune Driving, the Desert and Camels...Oh My!

Okay...This Desert Safari occurred in September.  I thought I posted this!!  LOL!  Sorry...I've been busy loving the "Good Life" around here. But check it out!

I went on a Desert Safari with a few Abu Dhabi friends and it was awesome!  I can now say I have walked on the sands of a desert.  I rode a camel, drank Arabic tea, and ate dates.  I also got a henna tattoo and ate an authentic Arabic BBQ dinner.  This consisted of hummus, lamb, veal, cucumber and tomato salad, rice, and some sweets that I did not eat since I already know how sweet they like their sweets in Abu Dhabi.  The sweet desserts around here will make you go into a diabetic coma, so I don't fool with them.  I tried it once and I'm done with that.  The sand dune driving was exciting and we had fun on the sandy roller coaster ride.  Driving up and down HUGE mountains of sand was unexpectedly thrilling and by the end, I had tears in the corners of my eyes asking God not to let me die!  Yes, it got downright scary at the end.  Our 8 passenger truck got stuck in the sand in the middle of the desert.  Luckily, our driver, Abdul, has 20 years of experiences as a sand dune driver.  He called for help and we were out in a jiffy.  But it was fun!  Everyone should try it! LOL!  Here are some pictures of our safari.

Camel Farm!!

Desert pose! Wow!  I'm in the REAL DESERT!!

Nice camel...Don't act crazy while I'm up here!  (Camels have attitudes yall!) Hey didn't I promise you I would take a picture with a real camel.  Boom!  Delivered!  

sipping that good, authentic Arabian coffee...Yum! nice please! 
Camel is the new horse....Giddyup!!  LOL! (I don't know why my hand is in the air like that...smh!)

Hello Desert! 
The smell of the camels will make you look like this...


  1. Wowwwwww, BBR in Abu Dhabi is the best meal you every taste and i bet on it that you gonna miss a lot of activities like if you are in UAE and YOU ignore Abu Dhabi Desert Safari
    because it has its own worth to be chosen ...

  2. Shamraiz...It was delicious indeed!