Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sleep is for Suckas

I have been busy this week. I had to move into my new apartment. Plus I began my first week of teaching in Abu Dhabi! I don't have the internet connected yet so I am trying this new blogger app on my phone. I don't have cable service so my TV has been staying off. To get in touch with me you will have to email me at my gmail or you can text me on my Google Voice number. I won't be able to receive calls through Google Voice because the little phone I have does not support google voice calls. But I can text internationally like crazy for free! I have been staying up every night this week waiting for furniture and appliances. Last night the curtains guy decided to come at 9 o'clock PM! when I told him that it was getting late and he can just come tomorrow he refused and said he was coming last night! so now I have my brand new beautiful curtains... Custom made... 10 feet by 10 feet... Sleep is an option this week. I am waiting on my refrigerator to be delivered right now. It was supposed to come yesterday. So for now enjoy the pictures of my new place and my new look for work! Check out the Yousef style abaya I am now rockin to work! I hope I can go to bed early tonight!

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