Sunday, August 26, 2012

Welcome to Abu Dhabi!

I took the Big Bus City Tour of Abu Dhabi a few days ago.  It was awesome!  I was able to see the major landmarks of the city and also learned my new city a little better.  I have seen pictures of these places online, but nothing beats seeing it for yourself.  Check out some of the places I was able to finally see with my own eyes.  Enjoy!

Seaside view of the Arabian Gulf by the pool.

Big Bus Tours...great deal too!

Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

The entrance to the Emirates Palace Hotel.

Chillin on the Big Bus!
Yes that is a real building!  The architecture around Abu Dhabi is off the charts.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

I saw a picture of this park before I went to Abu Dhabi and got to see it with my own eyes! How cool!

Tallest flagpole in the world.  400 feet tall!

Me and the crew...

Walking the streets of Abu Dhabi

On the bus striking yet another pose...

Heading to the Central Souk! again!

In the hotel lobby...
Why do I hear the music to "Brick House" in my head every time I see this picture of me?... Lawd!  I am so losing 20 lbs by December.  LOL! *Kanye shrug*


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  2. Thank you so much Stephen8! I'm happy you enjoyed reading my blog! Stay tuned!

  3. Really look luxurious in every angle. I guess I will just contend myself watching that building for now.