Tuesday, October 2, 2012

All Is Well...at a Five Star Hotel!

First and foremost I thank God everyday and I often find myself saying "Wow!" I am in Abu Dhabi! Recently I was relocated from my apartment to the Yas Viceroy Hotel due to an unforeseen freak accident in the courtyard of the building I live in. The courtyard collapsed into the underground parking garage. No one was hurt.  Now that's God! Plus I got my picture in the National, a newspaper here, not front page...second page though.  I actually put my head down because I was not trying to take a picture since I didn't have my MAC compact with me.  You know how I do.  I did have on my bedroom slippers straight from the Beach Rotana Hotel where I stayed for the month of August.

So now I am at the Yas Viceroy Hotel, a Five Star hotel and it is unbelievable!  I am well taken care of despite the situation.  Tonight we watched BMWs being test driven on the racetrack that surrounds the hotel! We are moving to new residences soon. I will keep you posted. But check out my current residence for now!

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