Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Diurex Is My Friend

I took a ten hour plus trip to New Orleans and discovered something new about myself a few days ago.  Apparently, I am one of those people whose ankles and feet swell when sitting for long hours while traveling.  When did this start?  I guess I have been flying for the past 10 years and my flights were not longer than a couple of hours so I never knew!  You learn something new everyday, tis true.

Lessons learned:

1.  Always FLY on an airplane to my longer distance destinations greater than 5 hours...driving is a no, no <---- (actually a hell to the no, no)

2.  Prepare myself before long flights in the future by drinking lots of water the day before and carry along some water pills if necessary.  

Diurex is the business.  Those little blue pills sure did help the swelling go down, a true friend indeed.  Again, I will NOT be riding any sort of wheeled vehicle for long trips more than 5 hours again in life. (flying on the big bird)

3.  Always carry a pair of stylish, compression socks. 

The opaque/nude granny style stockings/socks is a negative, not happening boo.  My feet will be swollen first before I wear those things.  When I turn 85 years old, then I'll consider wearing the nude colored ones. Then again, no I won't.

So as I continue to wait on my eticket, for my next long trip to my new home in Abu Dhabi, I will be purchasing some fashionable compression socks for traveling.  Hopefully, my foot won't look like a water balloon and my toes won't look like lil smokies sausages on the flight across the Big Pond to the Sand Box in August.  


  1. Let's say it together, "we will not have cankles upon arrival". I've recently developed that little situation.

  2. We will not have cankles upon arrival! LOL! That is for the birds and just not a good look. :)