Monday, July 2, 2012

Gramps and Mimi's House

Now I'm feeling more excited as time keeps winding down and Abu Dhabi is closer than ever.  So I am once again living with my parents, now known as Gramps and Mimi.  Mind you, when I left to move to Georgia, almost 13 years ago, that was not the case. 

Side Note:  Please pray for me as I am over 30, have lived by myself for many years and don't exactly know how long it will be before I start feeling some kind of way about my temporary home at home.  Yall know how that is.  Don't start looking sideways like you don't know what I'm talking about.  I just wonder how long it will be before I become the Honey Do Girl, Errand Girl, You Ain't Doing Nothing But Waiting So Do This Girl, etc.  :/  I'm just saying! :-)

My nieces and nephew are also here staying at Gramps and Mimi's House for a few weeks while on summer break from school.  My sister, their mother (of two of them), is at her home chilling like a fat rat with a giant hunk of cheddar cheese right next to her, while her precious ones are up until midnight singing gospel to the top of their lungs, eating snacks every 12 to 18 minutes, playing the Wii, arguing, crying, and pointing fingers at each other every time Auntie (me) comes in the room with a yard stick, threatening to get to chopping them to sleep.  You know, just doing what kids do.  Oh, and we were also blessed with a late night pajamas concert from the kids who decided to sing like the choir did at church this morning.  HILARIOUS!  I got it on video and will get my laugh on many times by watching that in Abu Dhabi.  These kids are a trip!!  Gotta love the lil crumb snatchers. 


  1. Wish u the best and much more success. Stay blessed and be protected over seas. IBH...

  2. Thank you Anonymous! I most certainly, absolutely will! By the way, who is this?

  3. Wow u really don't know. Hum out of sight out of mind look at my intials. But just saying hello glad to see u r doing just fine.U probably don't want to hear from me so I'm leave it at that because I know the true u...